2018 Guide to Get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card


Even though modification a pair of came into result in Florida back in January calendar month 2017 (which permits patients with an exhausting medical condition to buy medical marijuana), it’s solely been recently that dispensaries have started gap up in abundance across the state.

Here’s the whole on the way to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

As a resident of the state, the method on the way to get a medical marijuana card in Florida could be a follows: The primary step to obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card is to get your medical records and acquire a signed physician’s statement from a doctor United Nations agency is registered within the state of Florida with the Medical Marijuana Use register. That doctor needs to have a medical marijuana license in Florida. To boot, you want to be a tolerant the ordering doctor for a minimum of three months before the designation.

Once you’ve got met with a certified Dr. and area unit deemed eligible to use medical marijuana, the Dr. then enters your name and knowledge into the Marijuana Use register (aka the Compassionate Care Registry), that is pass by the U.S. Department of Health. You’ll not be able to apply for your MMJ card till you’re formally within the register. Once you’re within the register, you’ll be able to then submit a completed application to the workplace of Medical Marijuana Use, otherwise you will have your Dr. or a personal representative submit it on your behalf (though there are a unit sometimes extra fees if you’ve got a Dr. submit it for you).

What area unit the Florida Medical Cannabis Card Costs?

When applying for a medical marijuana card in Florida (also referred to as a “Compassionate Use register Card), candidates have two fees to pay: the initial fee to satisfy with the qualified Dr., so the registration fee for the applying itself, that is $75. (Also, full-face, passport-type color images area unit needed, therefore this could be an extra cost). The value to satisfy with a certified Dr Ranges, though’ on the average, it appears to be around $100.

My Florida Medical Marijuana Card has expired. How Do I Get a Renewal?

To maintain a lively Compassionate Use register identification card, a patient and personal representative should annually submit a renewal application, besides the applying fee and any needed related to documents to the department forty-five (45) days before the cardboard expiration date. More details here: http://gatewaybrewing.ca/marijuana-legalization-people-fiercely-making-drug-legal/

Once I have my Florida MMJ card, wherever am i able to obtain marijuana?

Once your application is approved and you receive your legal marijuana card, you or a personal representative of you’ll be able to obtain cannabis merchandise from an authorized medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTC) within the state of Florida.

Once I have my MMJ card, am i able to grow my very own marijuana?

No. Florida law solely permits the authorized dispensing organizations to grow, method and dispense marijuana. The department can refer any business or individual suspected of violating state law to native enforcement for investigation. It’s vital to recollect marijuana is unlawful under federal law.


Now that the store’s area unit up and open for business, though, additional and additional residents area unit beginning to marvel a way to get a medical marijuana card in Florida. Luckily, the method is pretty well-organized and efficient for user-friendliness

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