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Hi I’m Larry Brown and I started Gateway Brewing because I want to dispel the rumors that marijuana is a gateway drug and help inform as many people as I can about the cannabis support that is brewing all over North America.

I was born in upstate New York across the river from Canada and when I was a young child we moved into Canada because my dad worked for the Augsbury corporation. We spent several years in Ottawa and as a kid I loved it but before my teen years set in we moved back to the US and lived in several states before settling in Virginia. Now I love the east coast but I have a strong connection to Canada because of my awesome childhood memories. So I feel this .ca website helps me stay connected.

I was told as a kid growing up that marijuana will lead me down a scary path to some hardcore addiction and ruin my life. Now I was a typical teenager and young adult that dabbled in marijuana (probably because they did not want me to) and aside from having some of the best times with my friends it did not lead me on the path to addiction and homelessness. If fact they should have warned me more about the dangers of smoking as it took me three times over ten years to quit and I will probably suffer some health problem for it when I’m elderly.

You won’t be able to say that about marijuana because of the constant emerging benefits and consumption methods. There are so many positives to Medical Marijuana and I feel it should be legalized and studied more!

So I hope you enjoy Gateway Brewing and feel free to share anything we can use the support.

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