Marijuana Legalization – Why People Are So Fiercely Against Making the Drug Legal

Where is medical marijuana legal? This has become a question greatly asked across the world as thousands look for sources to help them. However, marijuana is banned in most countries throughout the world, with maybe the exception or one or two locations. You may not be aware of this but marijuana is a drug, an illegal one and there are millions against legalization. Why though? Why are millions fighting to stop marijuana from being legal? Read on to find out why marijuana is fiercely hated.

Why Is Marijuana Universally Hated

There is one very stubborn cause and reason why marijuana is hated and the root cause of it is addiction. You may think hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin are far more addictive than marijuana but it’s actually far more addictive than first realized. To look at it, you wouldn’t think it could be addictive and let’s be honest it looks nothing more than a giant weed (no pun intended) and you wouldn’t think it could do serious harm. However, it can and it’s very dangerous too which is why so many people are fighting to stop this from becoming legal. You can’t blame people and a lot of thought must be considered before this is legalized. Marijuana legalization isn’t a good suggestion.

Why Are Marijuana Cards Available if it’s so lethal?

Truthfully, there have been studies to show small amounts of the drug marijuana can help deal with certain pains. For this reason, some doctors in one or two countries hand out cards (called marijuana cards) that allow them to legally obtain the drug in specialized dispensaries. Now, some doctors are against this and some are for this; the truth of it all is that there are cases for the drug to be legalized. However, that doesn’t mean to say it should be legalized. Marijuana is still quite a lethal drug and it’s very addictive too which is causing so much concern. Yes, there are places to get marijuana for medical purposes (and are more popular today than ever before) but again it doesn’t make it legal or right.

Will It Be Legal?

In dozens of countries across the world marijuana is legal and that may surprise most. However, in other countries such as the US and UK, it’s not and the reason why is because it remains a drug. There are reasons why drugs are banned or illegal as they are dangerous and potentially life-threatening and yet too many people dismiss this. It’s easy to say marijuana can relieve pain but what if it was legalized and those who were already addicted or used it occasionally took too much and died? There will always be a risk and for that reason, it’s just not smart. It is a possibility to become legalized one day but for the foreseeable future, marijuana legalization doesn’t seem likely.

A Deadly Enemy

Drugs come and go but it seems the choice for most is marijuana. Strangely millions are using it, from everyday office workers to those with chronic pain. That doesn’t make it right or legal however and it’s quite risky. It’s hated so much because of the devastation it can leave behind and while many will fight to legalize it, many others will not. Marijuana legalization remains a sticky area and one which is going to be fiercely argued over time. Visit:

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