Marijuana Plant: It’s Easy to Clone Your Own

The marijuana plant goes through what is called a marijuana grow cycle. It is not grown from seed these last few years since the process of cloning is so much better. The old method of using seeds and sprouting them is becoming obsolete, for indoor growing. Since no one is allowed to raise hemp anymore, it is questionable how a hemp farmer could acquire seed if the government EVER does allow hemp to be raised.

Cloning Cannabis

A clone is made by taking a cutting from branched marijuana stems.

Some people like to watch marijuana sprouts as they turn into little plants – it is fun to watch them grow – but cloning cannabis is much faster and better if you are after some good pot for medicine.

Marijuana cuttings are taken from the healthiest and best plants possible. They are best taken from young plants and started in jiffy pots under fluorescent lights placed 2 to 4 inches above the tops of the cuttings.

As the marijuana plant becomes established and starts to grow a root system, the lights are moved up a couple of inches. After the plants have grown good root systems they are called clones.

Marijuana has a unique grow cycle – unlike most plants there are male marijuana plants and female marijuana plants. Only the female’s produce THC sinsemilla, which means “no seeds.”

The marijuana plants that are used for cuttings came from another plant exactly like itself. This process is repeated over and over, and the plants retain all the quality of the original plant that started the process. Find more tips here.

Most all nursery plants are propagated by this method. One plant can be the start of thousands or even millions of the exact same plant over a period of time.The original plant always comes from a specific botanical family – in the case of a marijuana variety (strain); it is of the cannabis family called Sativa/India, famous for its THC quality. A third member of the cannabis family is the Ruderalis, used only by breeders with good knowledge of breeding plants.

All pot plants have a very distinctive marijuana leaf systems. The color varies from light to dark greens, depending on what strain it is. The leaf has a pretty jagged edge and the leaves spread out like fingers. The whole plant is almost pretty enough to be a houseplant.

Marijuana flowers – also called marijuana bud – that is the part of the plant that is used to smoke. These flowers are also called pot and dozens of other pet names.

Male plants must be destroyed as soon as they are recognized because they will ruin your crop – that is the big benefit of using cloned plants instead of seed. When the plants start into their rapid growth stage, it is time for pruning marijuana.

The male plants must be identified as early as possible – this is called marijuana sexing -but if you use cloned plants, you don’t need to do this because all clones are female.

If you miss finding even one male plant in a whole marijuana field, it will ruin the whole crop – another warning – clones will not ever be male, so you can see the advantage over seed.

However – seed does have one advantage over clones. they put down roots systems that go looking for water, and if the seed is planted directly in the soil, the plant will find its own water after it gets to growing good.

seed plants also get much bigger than clone plants – so they both have their own best place to grow.

Fertilizer should be selective in type, also should be used sparingly – marijuana fertilizer is often overdone, the marijuana plant that was grown for thousands of years didn’t need any of the chemicals people thinks they need to use today – but then the petrochemical poisons had not poisoned the soil beck then, either. over-watering can also harm your plants.

When the plant is ready for harvesting marijuana, carefully cut it and remove it from the grow area. Cut all the heavy stems off first and proceed on down to the small stuff. Hang up the large pieces, upside-down, after removing all the big leaves. Let it dry out completely in a warm area between 65 and 85 degrees for several days. Don’t rush the drying process – get it 100% dry.

When these buds are completely dry, for your marijuana storage you will need mason jars with lids and rings. The small pieces of marijuana that could not be hung up can be dried in a shallow pan, or on a drying rack, turning it daily, and put in jars when it has dried.

The marijuana grows cycle can be continuous for medical programs because the rules determine the number of plants you can have at any one time. If you grow outdoors, you only have one grow season, so you must grow all you are allowed and store it in jars until you need it. cannabis agriculture is becoming a new culture in America. Common people are using marijuana bud and marijuana leaves after they had learned about curing marijuana.

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