Studies about marijuana legalization

Nowadays there are many countries and states of America as well where the people and medical and pharmacy professionals talk about the issues related to marijuana legalization. There are different schools of thought in the medical field which advocate separately for the legalization of the medicinal marijuana or otherwise. In fact, marijuana belongs to the genus of Cannabis which has two types of plants, both containing the biochemical cannabinoids.

It is a psychoactive compound which has a direct effect on the mental health and nervous system of the person taking it. It is due to the medicinal and beneficial aspects of marijuana that many experts recommend the establishment of legalized marijuana dispensaries with classified and licensed workers to sell the marijuana products for medical uses.

In fact, there are many states in the United States which are recognized as the medical marijuana states where the use of medical marijuana is allowed. The workers and dealers dealing in the medical marijuana and selling it legally are issued the specific medical marijuana cards by the government and authorities which makes them legalized dealers in medical marijuana.

According to the studies conducted by U.S.F.D.A, the chemical cannabinoid interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in brain and produces a psychoactive effect on the nervous system.

Changing legality of Cannabis in different countries

Regarding the matter of marijuana legalization, there are different rules in different countries. Even in the same country like United States, there are varying regulations regarding the marijuana legalization in different states. For example, there are 28 states in the United States of America where there are legal medical marijuana dispensaries and the dealers are also issued the authorized and legalized medical marijuana cards. More details here:

In some of the states of USA, possessing marijuana is considered illegal and those persons have to face the legal proceedings if found culprit. In such states, there is no discrimination between the medical and recreational usage of marijuana. These states are not considered as the medical marijuana states since even medical practice of marijuana is not allowed. However, there are some other states where possessing this plant in limited quantities is allowed only for the medicinal use.

Countries where marijuana sale has been legalized

There are many countries and parts of some countries where practicing sales and dealing in marijuana has been allowed. Other than the medical marijuana states of the United States of America, there are many other countries like Canada where marijuana legalization is practiced and it will be allowed for recreational use in 2017. Uruguay became the first nation to legalize it in 2013. Similarly, the sale of marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands but it is not punishable. This means that these dealers do not need the medical marijuana cards for selling it.

In sort it must be noted that it is not the problem of marijuana legalization in any country. But it is the problem of its effects on health when used in small and calculated amounts or in large amounts. Therefore, one should be careful while using marijuana in the form of either medicine or for recreation.


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