Marijuana Legalization – Why People Are So Fiercely Against Making the Drug Legal

Where is medical marijuana legal? This has become a question greatly asked across the world as thousands look for sources to help them. However, marijuana is banned in most countries throughout the world, with maybe the exception or one or two locations. You may not be aware of this but marijuana is a drug, an illegal one and there are millions against legalization. Why though? Why are millions fighting to stop marijuana from being legal? Read on to find out why marijuana is fiercely hated.

Why Is Marijuana Universally Hated

There is one very stubborn cause and reason why marijuana is hated and the root cause of it is addiction. You may think hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin are far more addictive than marijuana but it’s actually far more addictive than first realized. To look at it, … Read the rest...

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The Basics on Drug Testing for Medical Marijuana

Principle test for medical marijuana is a urine test. Medical marijuana can stay in the body for up to every week and can mean that you can test positive for medical marijuana in case you have not currently applied the drug (medical marijuana strains). Medical marijuana is legal in lots of states and can have a positive effect on the healthiness of a person including reducing the symptoms experiencing.

The benefits of marijuana

For those who might be going through chemotherapy and, therefore, are feeling nauseous, using medical marijuana can help relieve these symptoms and may increase their appetite. This has a positive effect on the healthiness of the patient and can mean a quicker recovery time from your procedure. Glaucoma suffers can retain their sight for longer while using medical marijuana, it reduces the pressure and enables … Read the rest...